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Adventure List

Reading levels are shown in parentheses following the titles: E= early readers/picture books, P = primary, I = intermediate, A = advanced, and Y = young adult). Borderline cases may be listed in two categories (e.g., PI for primary/intermediate).

A "+" following a title indicates a superior selection or a particular favorite (the best of the best).

Joan Aiken

Marguerite de Angeli

Margaret E. Bell

Claire Huchet Bishop

  • The Big Loop (IA)

Carol Ryrie Brink

Sheila Burnford

Oliver Butterworth

Betsy Byars

Elizabeth Coatsworth


Daniel Defoe

Charles Dickens

Arthur Conan Doyle

William Pene DuBois

Alexander Dumas

Sid Fleischman

Esther Forbes

Jean Fritz

James B. Garfield

Jean Craighead George

Roger Lancelyn Green

Charles Boardman Hawes


Series: The Adventures of Tintin

Norman Hunter

Brian Jacques

Series: Redwall

Terry Jones

Erich Kastner

Eric P. Kelly

Rudyard Kipling

Jim Kjelgaard

George Lowther

Ellen MacGregor

Series: Miss Pickerell

Frederick Marryat

Marie McSwigan

Baroness Orczy

James Otis

Howard Pyle

Arthur Ransome

Series: Swallows and Amazons

Keith Robertson

Sir Walter Scott

Ian Serraillier

Margery Sharp

Series: The Rescuers

Margaret Sidney

Series: The Five Little Peppers

Elizabeth George Speare

Armstrong Sperry

Robert Louis Stevenson

Hilda van Stockum

Gene Stratton-Porter

Rosemary Sutcliff

Series: Arthurian Trilogy

Series: Roman trilogy

Showell Styles

Series: Midshipman Quinn

Maria August Trapp

Mark Twain

Elizabeth Gray Vining

Lewis Wallace

Sr. M. Imelda Wallace

Joanne Williamson

Charlotte M. Yonge