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Domestic List

Reading levels are shown in parentheses following the titles: E= early readers/picture books, P = primary, I = intermediate, A = advanced, and Y = young adult). Borderline cases may be listed in two categories (e.g., PI for primary/intermediate).

A "+" following a title indicates a superior selection or a particular favorite (the best of the best).

Louisa May Alcott

Series: Little Women

Marguerite de Angeli

Jane Austen

Natalie Savage Carlson

Series: The Orphelines

Susan Coolidge

Series: What Katy Did

Eleanor Estes

Series: The Pyes

Series: The Moffats

Dorothy Fisher

Doris Gates

Rene Goscinny

Series: Nicholas

Carolyn Haywood

Series: Betsy Books

Series: Eddie Books

Maud Hart Lovelace

Series: Betsy-Tacy

Series: Deep Valley

Roger Lea MacBride

Series: The Rocky Ridge Years (Rose)

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Series: Anne of Green Gables

Series: Avonlea

Series: The Story Girl

Ralph Moody

Series: Little Britches

Eleanor H. Porter

Series: Pollyanna

Kate Seredy

Janet Shaw

Series: American Girls: Kristen

Margaret Sidney

Series: The Five Little Peppers

Hilda van Stockum

Series: Mitchells

Sydney Taylor

Series: All of a Kind Family

Maria August Trapp

Jean Webster

Kate Douglas Wiggin

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Series: The Little House books

Melissa Wiley

Series: Little House: Charlotte Years

Series: Little House: Martha Years

Maria Wilkes

Series: The Caroline Years