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Fantasy List

Reading levels are shown in parentheses following the titles: E= early readers/picture books, P = primary, I = intermediate, A = advanced, and Y = young adult). Borderline cases may be listed in two categories (e.g., PI for primary/intermediate).

A "+" following a title indicates a superior selection or a particular favorite (the best of the best).

Joan Aiken

Lloyd Alexander

Series: Chronicles of Prydain

Lucy Maria Boston

Series: The Children of Green Knowe

Eleanor Cameron

Series: Mushroom Planet

Pauline Clarke

Carlo Collodi

Susan Cooper

Series: The Dark is Rising

Edward Eager

Series: Half Magic

Penelope Farmer

Ruth Stiles Gannett

Series: Elmer and the Dragon

Elizabeth Goudge

Selina Hastings

Margaret Hodges

Norman Hunter

Brian Jacques

Series: Redwall

Tove Jansson

Series: Moominland

C. S. Lewis

Series: Chronicles of Narnia

Hugh Lofting

Series: Dr. Dolittle

Series: Dr. Dolittle in the Moon

George Lowther

George MacDonald

E. Nesbit

Andre Norton

  • Steel Magic (I)

Mary Norton

Series: The Borrowers

Robert O'Brien

Harry Thurston Peck

Howard Pyle

J. R. R. Tolkien

Series: The Lord of the Rings

P. L. Travers

Series: Mary Poppins

Meriol Trevor

T. H. White